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The DeepTech Innovation Network

Science meets business

Over 100 technologically strong and innovative companies, all established in the Ruhr region, work together with local public institutions and the three big universities of applied sciences—Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Fachhochschule Dortmund – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences.

Deep Tech: innovative solutions based on securely connected technologies

Together, we cross the boundaries of our disciplines and our cities to work on the challenges facing metropolitan regions. Research-intensive technologies are the basis of our work; substantial innovation is our goal. This is what we call Deep Tech, and as DeepTech Innovation Network we develop innovative solutions based on securely connected technologies and smart digital services. Our objective is not only the development of new solutions, products, and business ideas, but also their practical implementation to improve people’s quality of life.

What we do

  • We bring together partners from science and industry
  • We take up your ideas and incentivise new research, development, and innovation projects
  • We give more visibility to your projects and solutions
  • We organise events where you can network with your specific topics in mind
  • We support your new projects, all the way from the first idea to the application process


Our Team

Portrait von Nele Drescher

Nele Drescher

Projekt Coordination & Human Resource Development


Strong Universities for Applied Siences – Impulses for the Region